Monday, March 06, 2006

'2 Students Heckle Clinton at University

''I still really can't believe we only check five percent of our containers at all the ports in America, when we've had now for four years a study saying that unless we do 10 to 20 percent, there's no deterrent effect at all,' he said. "

Poor Slick Willy! I can't believe he'd get heckled. Not the smooth-talking, China stealing former president who left the White House in shambles.

Not the "I feel your pain" guy who's currently on the Dubai payroll. Who could even think of heckling such a "man of peace." I just think he should be touring the world with that peace loving Jimmy Carter, rather than the grouchy, cranky looking former Bush Sr., CIA, secret society, I know where the aliens are being held guy.

Well, you got a former spook and a recovering sex addict. What more could you expect from our elites?


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